Customizable Private Credit Solutions

Build your own data-driven private credit products with a white label powered by Finitive

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Streamline and expand your access to private credit products through our innovative white label technology to solve complex scalability issues across lending and borrowing.

  • Powerful Technology
    Digitize the entire private investment lifecycle into one customizable workflow providing institutional investors and borrowers with direct access to private credit transactions.

  • Highly Customizable
    In just a few minutes, Finitive’s white label allows you to create a solution tailored to your organization, offering significant strategic value for investors and originators.

  • Branded Experience
    Every time the end customer opens and navigates the software, they will see your brand name and logo offering an impactful customer touchpoint that reinforces your brand.

Finitive is reimagining private credit

Simplifying the Process
for Lenders and Borrowers


Origination Technology

Utilize a white label powered by Finitive to attract borrowers and securely store all data in one place, streamling the process. Then simply choose to fund or reject the deal.

What This Technology means for you

Investors can spend less time chasing, accessing and organizing the information you need. Proprietary technology allows investors to customize their data interest preference to access highly relevant opportunities.


Distribution Technology

Leverage a customized white label powered by Finitive to directly access a network of more than 1,500 institutional investors. You choose whether to connect with or reject the investors.

what this technology means for you

Borrowers no longer need to struggle to find relevant investor matches eager to deploy capital. Proprietary algorithms score, price and connect borrowers to capital providers quickly and efficiently.
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What our partners have to say

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“Patent-based lending is filling a gap inthe financing of innovation ecosystem,and in the US and in Europe, there areplenty of patent-rich companies that do not have access to traditional lending offers. IPwe intends to be a key enabler for the innovators and we're excited to partner with the Finitive platform to do so. We believe Finitive's innovative approach echoes IPwe's vision on how technology and in particular IPwe's Patent Valuation Engine can facilitate the growth of this market”

Pascal Asselot. Director, Europe, IPwe

Prime Meridian Capital Management
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