During the pandemic, non-bank lenders dramatically curtailed business and consumer lending amid concerns about borrowers’ ability to make payments on their loans. Though originations have picked up as businesses reopen and the economy improves, the year-long lending hiatus has directly impacted institutional investors’ ability to find debt financing opportunities. Direct lending deals of $50 million and up are now in short supply.

Institutional investors are adjusting their investment focus, deal terms and risk parameters to find opportunity. The low-yield environment has added to the challenges and originators have sold securitizations to institutions at a significant premium to the par value of their portfolios.

As a private credit marketplace that matches institutional investors with loan originators, we are seeing four significant trends in the direct lending space: A shortage of deals, a penchant for institutional investors to take on more risk, increased interest in previously shunned asset classes, and a willingness to invest in smaller deals with high growth potential.

A Dearth of Deals

During the pandemic, non-bank lenders tightened up credit standards for both business borrowers and consumers. At the same time, the massive fiscal and monetary stimuli created excess liquidity in the system. Companies and consumers gained access to unprecedented government assistance, which reduced their need to seek credit financing.

The curtailed lending has reduced non-bank lenders’ need for financing, and the resulting surplus in uninvested institutional capital has led to greater competition for attractive deals. As a result, borrowers have gained significant negotiating leverage in deal negotiations. This is a direct reversal of last year, when many institutional investors stepped to the sidelines, and those remaining in the market were able to dictate terms.

Looking to New Asset Classes

In the current environment, investors have begun to consider creative and innovative sectors that they would have perceived as too risky in previous market cycles.

Asset classes generating interest right now include:

Smaller Deals

In addition to greater interest in these asset classes, another notable feature of the marketplace right now is investors’ willingness to consider financing deals under $50 million, when previously their target range was $50 million to $100 million.

With stiff competition and a shortage of opportunities to invest, they are now even considering transactions as small as $10 million to $15 million, as long as they see growth potential. Institutions are seeking ways, through deal terms, of securing the rights to future supply by including volume guarantees and rights of first refusal for future supply.

Pushing Past the Imbalance

In the past two decades, we have never seen an imbalance like this in the private credit space, with billions in institutional dry powder and a low supply of non-bank lenders seeking financing.

Institutional investors in search of attractive deals can use Finitive to identify opportunities with the potential for strong returns. With Finitive’s connection to a vast network of potential borrowers, institutions can register on the platform to source deals that fit their objectives and mandates, and access diligence information to speed the time it takes to convert an idea into an investment.

Non-bank lenders can work with Finitive to make certain they can match their area of focus to investors that will work quickly to fund their needs and help them grow over time. Finitive stands ready to facilitate capital for all stages of a non-bank lender’s growth.

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