Why Invest in
Alternative Lending?

Return Potential

Alternative lending investments require a lengthy due diligence process and are difficult to source, legally intensive, and complex to model. As a result, the asset class remains highly inefficient, enabling the potential for risk-adjusted returns that are superior to traditional fixed-income investments.

Private Debt Median Net IRR by Vintage Year
Return Potential
Source: Preqin Private Debt Online. Vintage data through June 30, 2017.

Low Correlation

Including alternative lending assets in an investment portfolio may create valuable diversification benefits, given low correlation to other fixed income instruments.

Correlation to Alternative Lending Index
Low Correlation
Source: Bloomberg; Finitive analysis. Alternative Lending Index is a custom index
consisting of industry benchmarks from 2011 to 2016.

Low Volatility

Alternative lending’s standard deviation of returns is lower than other asset classes.

Return Potential
Source: Bloomberg; Finitive analysis. Alternative Lending Index
is a custom index consisting of industry benchmarks from 2011 to 2016.
Why Invest Through

Finitive’s technology-enabled platform emphasizes complete investment transparency, investor-friendly terms, and comprehensive diligence.


Turnkey Transactions

Transactions listed on Finitive’s platform contain substantially all of the due diligence materials that an institutional investor would produce internally.


Zero-Fee Model

Investors pay no fees to Finitive. Fees are paid by Finitive’s originator partners.


Research & Ratings

Finitive’s comprehensive investment memos and ratings bring transparency to traditionally opaque investment opportunities, accelerating and simplifying investors’ due diligence process.


Alignment of Interest

Finitive’s team invests in each transaction alongside or subordinated to investors, unless otherwise disclosed.

Typical Transactions

Finitive is unconstrained by either fund structure or mandate, providing the flexibility to transact across the capital structure and various spectrums of risk, asset class, geography, and transaction size.

  • Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

    Finitive seeks to identify lending opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns relative to other investment opportunities.

  • Flexible Deal Structures
    • Warehouse lines
    • Forward flow and whole loan purchase agreements
    • Term loans
    • Participations
    • Funds
    • Equity
    • Various other
  • Asset Classes
    • Consumer unsecured
    • Invoice factoring
    • Trade finance
    • Franchisee loans
    • Merchant cash advance
    • SME loans
    • Litigation finance
    • Tax lien
    • Student loans
    • Auto loans
    • Various other
    • Commercial Real Estate
      • - Bridge
      • - Permanent
      • - Construction/Development
    • Residential Real Estate
      • - Fix & flip
      • - Construction/Development
      • - Non-QM